Jimmy Hartzell: Systems Programmer#


Technically, I have a systems programming background from low-latency HFT work and embedded programming, and a background in strong typing from working at a Haskell consultancy an now in Rust. I also have the ability from consulting to work both independently and collaboratively, gather my own requirements, understand a variety of stake-holder priorities, and work in a fast-changing environment.

Career Experience#

  • Savant Systems, May 2021-Present: Embedded Linux Software Developer.
    • Technologies: Rust (incl. Tokio), Yocto, Swift, Objective-C, Redis
    • Rewrote Swift agents into Rust
    • Developed and implemented migration plans for core components of system architecture
    • Wrote Rust frameworks for configuration and IPC
    • Wrote usermode Rust driver for Atmel energy meter
  • Obsidian Systems, LLC, March 2018-May 2021: Software Development Consultant
    • Technologies: Haskell, Reflex FRP, C, Ledger Nano S, Nix, C++ Vowpal Wabbit
    • Worked with a variety of clients, with diverse corporate culture and organizational systems
    • Worked on Incremental View, a research project for incremental database queries in Haskell
    • Two apps in embedded C on Ledger Nano S (a platform w/ 4K of RAM)
    • Simplified C++ apps
    • Full-stack Haskell application development
  • Tower Research, LLC, June 2013-March 2018: Software Developer
    • Technologies: C++, C++ template metaprogramming, Linux systems programming, clang-format, valgrind, gdb, FIX protocol
    • Risk platform, C++ development (2017-2018):
      • Wrote a new high-performance logging system
      • Led a small team to add new trade reconciliation systems to comply with EU regulations
    • Lead training instructor (2016-2018):
      • Developed and taught full-time C++, networking, and systems programming curriculum for new hires in US in India
      • Trained and mentored other instructors
      • Wrote internal textbook
    • FX trading desk, C++ development (2013-2016):
      • Mentorship: First line of defense for team member questions
      • Maintained code to support last look feature in trading software
      • Implemented and troubleshooted C++ handlers for many FX order entry protocols
      • Made market data processors lower latency
      • Developed new aggregator project to aggregate internal liquidity
      • Implemented, maintained, and troubleshooted drop copy, STP handlers
  • Moat, Inc, Feb 2021-March 2013: Infrastructure Developer
    • Technologies: Python, C++, AWS
    • Led a 3-member team to develop server discovery and deployment scripts
    • Scalable bloom filter implementation in C++


  • Programming languages: Rust, C++, C, Haskell, Swift, Python, Objective-C
  • Technologies: Linux systems/low-latency network programming, Tokio, Reflex FRP, Yocto, AWS, Ledger Nano S, Redis


I have a Bachelors in Computer Science from Cornell University.