Jimmy Hartzell: Systems Programmer#

Phone: 646-334-9882, Email: jah259@cornell.edu, Website: https://www.thecodedmessage.com/

On the technical side, I have a systems programming background from low-latency high-frequency trading (where every nanosecond matters) and embedded programming, and a background in strong typing from working at a Haskell consultancy that has translated well to Rust. All of my work has involved learning new technologies and programming languages quickly.

On the soft skills side, my experience in software consulting has taught me to work both independently and collaboratively, quickly master new codebases, gather my own requirements, understand a variety of stake-holder priorities, and work in a fast-changing environment.

Career Experience#

  • Savant Systems: May 2021-Present, Senior Embedded Linux Software Developer
    • Technologies: Rust (incl. Tokio), Yocto, Swift, Objective-C, Redis
    • Adapted quickly to an overengineered decades-old Objective-C codebase
    • Developed and implemented migration plans for core components of system architecture
    • Added caching layers around accesses to legacy key-value store, and implemented bidirectional synchronization between it and Redis
    • Rewrote Swift microservices and frameworks into Rust
    • Wrote usermode Rust driver for Atmel energy meter
  • Obsidian Systems: March 2018-May 2021, Software Development Consultant
    • Technologies: Haskell, Reflex FRP, C, Ledger Nano S, Nix, C++
    • Worked with a variety of clients, with diverse corporate culture and organizational systems
    • Worked on Incremental View, a database research project for incremental queries on Postgres
    • Wrote apps in embedded C on Ledger Nano S (a platform w/ 4K of RAM)
    • Refactored overengineered C++ codebases
    • Full-stack Haskell application development
  • Tower Research: June 2013-March 2018, Senior Software Developer
    • Technologies: C++ (C++11, C++14), C++ template metaprogramming, Linux systems programming, clang-format, valgrind, gdb, FIX protocol, Intel64 assembly
    • Risk platform, C++ development (2017-2018):
      • Wrote a new high-performance logging system
      • Led a small team to add new trade reconciliation systems to comply with EU regulations
    • Lead training instructor (2016-2018):
      • Developed and taught full-time C++, networking, systems, and low-latency programming programming curriculum for new hires in US and India
      • Trained and mentored other instructors
    • FX trading desk, C++ development (2013-2016):
      • Mentorship: First line of defense for team member questions
      • Continuously made latency improvements for market data handlers
      • Developed new aggregator project to aggregate internal liquidity
      • Owned support for FX “last look” feature
      • Wrote/maintained handlers for many financial protocols
  • Moat: Feb 2011-March 2013, Infrastructure Developer
    • Technologies: Python, C++, Bash, AWS, S3
    • Led a 3-member team to develop server discovery and deployment scripts
    • Scalable bloom filter implementation in C++


  • Programming languages: Rust, C++, C, Haskell, Swift, Python, Objective-C, Bash
  • Technologies: Linux systems/low-latency network programming, Tokio, Reflex FRP, Yocto, AWS, Ledger Nano S, Redis


  • Cornell University: Bachelors in Computer Science