In case it is unclear, this site isn’t actually in code; this is messages from a coder, namely me, Jimmy Hartzell. This is a record of my thoughts and (sometimes very strong) opinions, of my essays and stories, about topics that interest me. These include programming (especially Rust and Haskell), universal struggles and personal growth (including organization and travel, and also literature (both mine own and writings of others). Please bear with me and my not-so-occasional eccentricities.


I am a partisan of strongly-typed programming languages. My favorite programming languages are Rust (for systems programming, though it can also be used for other domains) and Haskell (for application programming, especially with Reflex).

I used to be a professional C++ programmer, but I now have written an entire blog series about why I think Rust is better. The most popular post of that series is about move semantics.

Most of my programming has been proprietary for jobs I’ve had, but some of it is publicly available.

I currently work at Savant Power as a Rust programmer. This is a personal blog; my opinions are my own and not my employer’s.

I am not currently looking for a job, but my resume is available for the curious.

Besides my own articles, I have some external recommended reading. I also have a list of Rust opinions that I’m gradually growing.


I have reviews of literature as well, in addition to commentary on scripture and religious media. I keep a reading log of what I’ve read, fiction-wise, including things I haven’t had time to review yet. I have also posted some of my own fiction, though it’s not very good, though people particularly like the first piece.


I also like to blog about my travel.

Organization and Personal Growth#

I always strive for self-improvement to an unhealthy extent. I should work on that.

I have ADHD, which requires intentional organizational effort to keep up with everyday adult life – a lot of intentional organizational effort. I also am a programmer, a job that requires a surprising amount of organizational skills that would have scared me away as a child had I known about it. I also also have this website as a hobby project, and would you know that blogging also requires organization?

So it should be no surprise that organization is a topic that interests me, and I intend to write more about it.